Street Legal LSVs

Street Legal Golf Carts

A golf cart can offer so much more than just a ride around the course. Street legal golf carts, also known as neighborhood electric vehicles or low speed vehicles, can be driven on roads with a speed of 35 mph or less in most states. These street legal golf carts can be found on college campuses, military bases, beach towns, resorts, commercial properties, and in residential neighborhoods. Cary Cart Company street legal golf carts are equipped with headlights, brake lights, turn signals, seat belts, high-speed motors and mirrors making these low speed vehicles legal on streets.

How and Where to Use Your Cart

White Golf Cart with Pink SeatsOur LSV’s or street legal carts are ideal for use at resorts, churches, universities and retirement communities. You can expect to pay less than a couple of cents per mile to run your low speed vehicle – so not only are you reducing the impact on the environment, but you’re saving money as well. With models ranging from two to eight passengers, these golf carts are great not only for residential use, but also in rental or commercial fleets as well.

When you purchase a street legal golf cart from Cary Cart Company, it will come with the 17-digit VIN number and paperwork you need to have it licensed & registered at the DMV. All you have to do is present the paperwork to the DMV, have it licensed & registered and you’ll be ready to show off your new ride to your neighbors in no time.


Why Choose Cary Cart Company?

Many other golf cart companies out there claim to offer street legal carts, but be wary. In order for your cart to truly be street legal, it must have a 17-digit VIN number. Cary Cart Company provides 100% street legal golf carts, made right here in the USA. As a family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves in delivering personal service and producing the highest quality carts possible.

Start saving gas right away. Contact Cary Cart Company today to purchase your street legal golf cart. We ship anywhere in the United States. Already have a cart? We can convert it! Learn more here.

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