Golf Cart Conversions

Transform Your Golf Cart

Looking to transform the golf cart you already have into a multi-purpose vehicle you can use on and off the course? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll convert your standard golf cart to a fully customized, street legal LSV that is fully equipped to transport you around town.

We work with you to learn more about the look and the features you want, then we strip your cart down and rebuild it. We also equip it with safety features—like seat belts, turn signals, parking brakes and more, which make it street-legal. When we’re done, we’ll deliver you a fully customized cart complete with the 17-digit VIN number and paperwork you need to have it licensed and registered at the DMV.


Golf Cart ConversionWhy do I need a street legal golf cart?

Experience a whole new way to get around. Not only will you save gallons of gas on short trips through town, but you can also use your cart for:

  • Quick trips to the grocery store
  • Open-air rides to the beach or pool
  • Lifts to nearby restaurants for lunch or dinner
  • Transportation to and from the golf course or tennis courts
  • Cruising around the neighborhood

Cary Cart Company is family-owned and operated business, and we pride ourselves in giving you the personal attention and quality service you deserve. We’re headquartered in North Carolina but serve customers all over the country.

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